General Board Rules

Welcome to IPTV Blog Forum.

1. General Remarks

  1. You can check out the current forum admins here.

  2. The forum administration has the final say in any discussion.

  3. The following rules apply to all forums (including our official Blog), but can be extended or loosened by section-specific rules. You can find local rules like the Selling / Buying Rules either as announcements or as sticky threads (those are marked with [Rules]). All violations of local rules are major violations by default.

2. Very Severe Violations

  1. Engaging in or advertising illegal activities (fraud, carding etc.) is strictly forbidden. This also includes hacking computers, servers or accounts that do not belong to you!

  2. Spreading malware of any kind (stealer, keylogger, RATs etc.) is forbidden.

  3. Extreme insults, baiting or racist comments will not be tolerated.

  4. Advertising platforms competing with or IPTVBlog Forum (about IPTV) is forbidden.

  5. The use of multiple accounts and manipulation of account stats will not be tolerated. As soon as a person owns more than one acount, we consider it a case of multiaccounting!

  6. You may not bypass temporary bans by creating a new account for the duration of the ban.

  7. Massive spam on the forums or via private message is forbidden.

3. Severe Violations

  1. Posting or requesting warez (cracked software, keygens etc.) is forbidden.

  2. Posting pornography is forbidden. We consider images/videos to be pornographic if they show primary or secondary sexual characteristics.

  3. You are not allowed to impersonate a member of the forum staff (e.g. by using rank icons as your avatar or misleading nicknames).

4. Serious Violations

  1. Insulting, flaming, accusing and baiting other members is forbidden.

  2. Posting referral links is forbidden. You may only share them via private messages and only if you are asked to do so.

  3. Advertising other websites is only allowed if they contain a publicly accessible link back to

  4. The use of survey download mirrors (e.g. Sharecash) is only allowed, if you provide an alternative download mirror with no such limitations.

  5. Any intentional abuse of the report system (i.e. reporting the same post multiple times, reporting legitimate posts just for the fun of it etc.) is forbidden.

5. Minor Violations

  1. Making posts that are unnecessary or meaningless one-word posts like “thanks” or “bump” is forbidden.

  2. Posting twice in a row is to be avoided.

  3. Pushing/bumping outdated threads is only allowed if there is a good reason, e.g. if you have the same the question, but so far no satisfying answer has been given in the thread.

  4. We do not take kindly of unfriendly or provocative behavior towards other members; the same goes for excessive trolling.

  5. Usernames which partially or fully contain an URL are forbidden.